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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management



Continuity has been important to companies since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution as an effective business strategy. That may seem like a strange statement but if you think about it, it’s true. Continuity in business is basically keeping a stream-lined process that your customers can depend on; these processes are usually strict and are carefully implemented but the number one thing to know about continuity is you must have employees and managers that care. When management fails to implement a business process and employees follow, customers will notice and business (meaning revenue) will be affected. This, ladies and gentlemen, is called the Trickle Effect. Having a formal business process doesn’t mean it has to be boring but business continuity management is more important today than ever before.

One example of continuity’s effectiveness in business can be seen in the success of the big brand Coca-Cola. From the recipe to the red logo, customers have come to depend on the brand’s continuity and it has affected our society as a whole. How do you feel when a familiar Holiday Coca-Cola commercial comes on? Do you make the “Aaaahhh” sound after taking a sip of ice-cold Coca-Cola on a hot summer day? Do you want a Coke right now? It is easy to see now how continuity affects us as humans that enjoy routine but, also, at how we value those that put effort into their work. Did you know that Coca-Cola stocks every Coke in every store? It’s true. Whether it’s stocking the merchandise or servicing the hardware at restaurants, Coca-Cola makes sure it’s continuity is steady and that is just good business.

It’s important for your company to have a well thought-out and concise continuity management. Whether the pipeline in your business is short or long, the process for your business should be extremely detailed. Employees will cut corners on every process; it’s a fact of life. When a new employee is trained, that employee will cut corners on the already shortened process. This will continue until the process that was imagined in the beginning is nothing but a twinkle in your eye. However, if the process is maintained properly and every manager follows the management pipeline process, the Trickle Effect will remain at a minimum.

There is something in that. Without being too technical, it’s true that training is the bread-and-butter of any successful business strategy that includes others representing your brand. But, when you have a pipeline, continuity management training should be numero uno. After all, what is a process going to accomplish if no one knows about or implements it. The importance of continuity in the actions of employees representing your business could add or subtract major dollars in your bank account!




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