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How to Generate Leads from #tags

How to Generate Leads from #tags


Social Media is taking your business by storm. Every day there is something new to learn and you may have even considered hiring a Social Media Manager. Wouldn’t that save you the headache of learning all of this new stuff?? Absolutely! But until said manager is hired, why not learn some tips for yourself? These tips will help you generate leads just from hashtags on Twitter.

What is a hashtag? Hashtags are keywords. That’s it. You know the joke, “I’m so old… I remember when hashtags were just pound signs!!” Well, hashtags have not only taken over your teen’s social media, but they have taken over your business’ digital marketing campaign as well. Just having a Twitter account is not enough. You have to get involved in the discussion and I am here to help you pull back that filmy, unclear plastic to reveal a whole new world of easy and fun marketing!

After you have completed that first step of setting up a Twitter account for your business, you should also start learning which hashtags you should be monitoring. Think of challenges and questions your targeted audience will be dealing with; you could even talk to co-workers or those in the sales trenches who deal with those concerns. While you can create your own, it is much easier to monitor hashtags that already exist. Using Twitter’s “search” tool can help you find keywords relevant to conversations being had and will allow you to join in along with other industry leaders to help (while also providing links to organic and quality content like blog posts).

Pay attention to what is trending, daily. Yes by now it is a cliché but checking out trending topics on a daily basis can only help you see what is relevant and, therefore, help your business maintaining its relevancy. This kind of interest in the community helps project potential customers into true leads and ROIs.

Be aware and don’t just leap into a conversation by trying to seal a deal before a deal exists. You will lose those potential leads. Instead, be a valuable part of the discussion by scheduling Twitter chats. This will allow those leads to come to you with their own questions. There are many tools to help you moderate these chats, like Some of these chats are spontaneous and some are scheduled monthly by professionals. Having chats at the same time like clockwork can really help generate talk around them.

Which leads us to… Consistency. When you do start your social media campaign, make sure to always use the same hashtags. You should have some for different types of posts, but keep those limited as well. You could have a specific hashtags for events and some for blog posts or podcasts and even one for you chats!

Don’t forget to have fun! Doing things like creating a Twitter contest is not only great promotion for a digital marketing campaign but can produce some great original and linkable content for your business. These are all building blocks to raise your business into the stratosphere!

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