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Home Business Start-Up

Home Business Start-Up

Many small businesses tend to originate in the home and with that come the start-up costs.  But here I am again giving you more options, and some cheaper. With technology taking over every aspect of our lives, we tend to look at it as a burden or convenience. These online services will no doubt bring you to the latter and at least give you more bang for your buck.

LAWYERS, LAWS, AND LEGAL DOCUMENTS OH MY – Lawyers may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to your small business, but it may be the second and third and fourth. You may have heard of some online legal companies and really thought to yourself that it can’t be very legit but there are some sites here to make your legal nightmares into soothing non-billable daydreams. Cheap and user-friendly, there is no reason nowadays to spend your time calling law offices and running to appointments. Also, everything is there for you to read and understand so you know the laws and restrictions for your particular small business. You may have never heard of some of these but feel free to check them out: LegalZoom RocketLawyer, BizFilings, CorpNet

WEBSITE WIZARDS UNITE – You have to, without exception, get out of the 60’s. While the Mad Men era of advertising was sexy and alluring, without a hum drum website your small business will hit the glass ceiling very early on. Confused about codes and layouts? You’re not alone, but there is help out there. You cannot always depend on webmasters to be there so here are some sites to help you help yourself: HostMonster, HostGator, Yahoo! Web Hosting, Go Daddy, Fat Cow

VIRTUAL MEET-AND-GREET – Online business meetings may be almost too normal for big companies, but small businesses dream of an easier and cheaper way of national and international communication. Only so much can be done over e-mails and phone calls but in the world we live in, our options are more open than we know. Now these options may not be free, but really what price can you put on face-to-face exchanges of information; to know who you are really talking to and more importantly, earning money with? Take control of your business now and come into the new age with these services: GoToMeeting, WebEx, FuzeMeeting, Acrobat Connect

LIVE ON CLOUD NINE – You keep all of your important personal information in a white, fluffy cloud. Why not your important and personal small business? It is not as confusing or impressive as it was a year ago, but still many small business owners still have issues with cloud surfing. These websites and services can help you steer out of the fog and straight into a clear understanding of navigating the cloud: Carbonite, Mozy, DropBox, SugarSync

SILENCE IS NOT ALWAYS GOLDEN – Yes, everyone has a cellphone and numbers are thrown around with ease. Ever wonder why you have more mobile numbers in your phone than businesses? It’s time we look at the real problem with technology and that is separation of personal and business life. You need a separate business phone; you need a way to escape. Virtual phone services allow you to set up business phone lines and forward the calls and voicemails to any phone, anywhere. No it is not free but what would you pay for a little peace? These services can help ease up your addiction to your business: eVoice, RingCentral, Grasshopper,

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