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How to Keep Your Business from Costly Cyberattacks

How to Keep Your Business from Costly Cyberattacks

How to keep your business from


Security for your small business is at risk. It is scary to think about but with all of the technology surrounding us today, cyber security is more important than ever before; for you and for your clients. You could wake up tomorrow and have your information stolen. Just because your business is not a “big” business does not mean it isn’t a target. Whether its hackers, terrorists or even just a security glitch, confidentiality in business is important! Just ask anyone who has had their security breached. It is a reprehensible feeling from which it is hard to recover. In order to keep from being a victim of a cyberattack you must be vigilant in your efforts to secure your personal and professional information.

While President Obama is proposing legislation to set federal standards to inform consumers on data breaches, a recent report from the National Small Business Association cites many concerns and even admittance of breaches from small business owners.  More than 90% of small business owners admit that security is a major issue and concern, with half reporting cyberattacks and almost a third of those in the last year alone. While most seemed to just have an interruption of service or a website, almost 20% had financial breaches of business credit cards and bank accounts.

Why small businesses? Well, most small businesses do not have security as a priority and that allows for data breaches. Make sure that all of your software is up-to-date and make sure to protect your network with a strong encryption. Getting a VPN (virtual private network) allows your information security even for wireless users.

Save your back-up data on a cloud. This allows your documents to be restored easily and quickly should a security breach occur. Also, make sure that your employees are well versed in your security policies and measures. It is important that everyone on your network know how important confidentiality and security is for your business to be successful.

Make sure to check your security measures and policies frequently with system back-ups scheduled so your information is always secure. You cannot predict even the worst atrocities that can happen to your business; the best you can do is prepare. Make sure that if you don’t have the time to keep your data safe, hiring someone is well worth every penny since it will save you headaches and, yes, lots of cash in the future.

Cybersecurity for small businesses is a growing concern because as we go paperless, more of our lives are vulnerable to those virtual monsters; even our professional lives. While you do hear horror stories of even terrorist groups taking hold of small business websites for their own recruiting purposes, it shouldn’t be horror stories that suck you into getting the right security for your business. You should be doing this with your personal information as well. Learn how to keep you and your clients’ information safe and you can be the king of your castle even in dark times.

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