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How to Increase Your Website’s Traffic and Other Fun Ideas

How to Increase Your Website’s Traffic and Other Fun Ideas

There are always new and more modern ways to get people to visit your website and generate the kind of attention your small business needs.  I understand that you started your small business so that you could be your own boss. That’s one of the best perks, am I right? You don’t want to think about tedious work, generating new followers and getting “likes”. But all of these things add up to a successful business nowadays. Everyone has different goals when starting a small business. It is important that you understand that the higher your goals, the more paramount your commitment will have to be to keep your business in the running. Here are some simple, yet effective tips on generating the website traffic jam of your dreams.

Have a consistent blog updated frequently and that can engage someone that visits your website. Your blog should focus on your type of business but it should have a personality that is inviting, yet smart and informative. Keep researching and looking for breaking news in relation to your line of work. Also, your blog should be refreshing and professional. Content writers are around for this purpose and can put out some quality work for you. Just make sure that your voice is in the blog, as it is representing you.

**If you’re taking the blog on yourself, but find blogger’s block a major issue, here are some fundamental questions to get your brain chugging along:

  • What is being done?
  • How did I do this?
  • What inspired this?
  • Here’s how you can do it to:
  • This helps me do it better:
  • Don’t forget to ask them to subscribe or follow your blog.

Tell your story, as it is important that people know what you’re about and where you come from. It’s wonderful to have a professional and impressive “About me” section but when it comes down to it, your story can be as important as your resume.

Talk about what you do and start a forum on your website. Generate question and answer sections and get people talking about your issue. You can even start a Facebook group made solely to drive people to your site. This also allows support for others who could use your business, and for you to see feedback firsthand.

Submit your blogs. I know it sounds crazy, but it really works! Submit your blog posts to sites like StumbleUpon and Reddit and it can really upstart the kind of attention and networking you need. Giving away a little of your best work for free is the way to get business that would otherwise be out of your reach. Try other small businesses that are just starting out and can trade with you. Anything is possible. You can also promote your blog/site to your e-mail list and join a blogging community. You need to do anything (short of illegal activities) to get your name out there..

Did you know that YouTube is one of the biggest social media sites? It’s very important that your small business have a YouTube account with a link to your website. Post videos frequently and make sure to have refreshing content. Also, subscribe to others in your field and request that they subscribe to you in return. There is a community of small business owners out there that are willing to work together. You just need to get out there for yourself.

Be generous with your work. If this is something you are planning on doing for a living, then work will come and go. Your personal work will be piled on and you will maybe not remember that one blog entry that took a lot of effort and time. Put that online for free? Believe me, it can only help. And if the point is to get more work, then you want to show off your best.


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