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Making Technology Work for You!

Making Technology Work for You!

I know, I know. You are up to your ears in new applications for your computer or your phone or your fancy new tablet. It’s a lot to take in during the last few years of app BOOM! But there are even more applications out there for things you have been using for years. I’m here to help you with the one thing every small business strives for: EFFICIENCY. Yes, some new novelties and some old reliables are hard to let go of but give me a few minutes to change your mind.

Did you know that Microsoft Word is costing you money? Well, not just money but more importantly it’s costing you time. Google Documents, on the other hand can save you both. A few pros; you don’t have to re-name a document after certain changes or hand documents around. Google Docs also has automatic upgrades and web-based auto tracking functions. Believe me, I love Microsoft Office, too but you can’t hold on forever!

Tired of having all of your company’s contacts through your e-mail? This is time-consuming and leads your colleagues and employees on frantic searches. There is a software called Salesforce to save the day! It does cost some per month, but if this is a big problem $5-$25 won’t be an issue. Salesforce keeps all of your data accessible by any employee, from anywhere.

If you’re still logging onto your social media clients separately, you might as well be living in the Middle Ages. You have Tweetdeck and Hootsuite for that, of course. Besides you never know who can access your accounts from a web browser. Security is a risk these days, so be smart!

Tired of keeping receipts and tracking mileage? It’s a hassle and can lead to undesirable headaches if lost. Try the mobile app ProOnGo. This app is relatively cheap and tracks all of your information for your employer, taxes, or personal records.

Do you find yourself in your car, dodging other cars trying to answer phone calls, e-mails and text messages? In these stressful days where it’s hard to make money, but easy to work everywhere your phone is your lifeline, until it isn’t. Automobiles and technology used to not mix. Even Oprah said not to text while driving and this is one thing we can agree upon. Your solution: Got2bWireless the Voice. It’s a weird name but it makes up for it with style and ease on your life. Very user friendly, you can do something as easy as set your Bluetooth to answer phone calls to answering e-mails. You can pretty much control everything on your car or phone from this little, $90 device. Voice recognition is still in beta phases overall so you may need to spend a little time learning how to work that. But, answering and ending a phone call then answering 20 e-mails on your commute? Priceless.

Technology is changing everyday and it’s hard to not be overwhelmed by all of the gadgets and information out there. You have to step up your game and become familiar with the most basic of products to learn the complicated ones. The web is your best source for finding which products will help your small business to strive. The key is to keep informed. Even a few minutes a day searching tech advances will open a world of technology that you didn’t know was out there. In almost all cases someone else has done the work for you, all you need to do is go find it!

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