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Mobile Applications 2014-Part One

Mobile Applications 2014-Part One

By now you must be thinking that this subject is becoming exhausted. How many more applications could there possibly be to help me run my small business more smoothly and efficiently? In a nutshell, the answer is a lot. Mobile applications are constantly evolving to what works and is user-friendly. Also, as technology changes, the mediums in which they are distributed to the public become different and must evolve as well. I am just the middle-man; here to show you what is available to make your life a little easier.

  1. Pocket: Have you ever been browsing or searching for something specific but came across something interesting you don’t have time to check out? Have no more regrets and put it in your pocket!! Save videos, bookmark websites or paste articles with this application that doesn’t even require an internet connection to access the saved information! Now that is technology at work, folks.
  2. Expensify: Touted as “Expense reports that don’t suck”, Expenisfy is an application that lets you keep track of your receipts with photos, use your phone to create reports and track mileage with GPS!
  3. Waze: When you are on your commute and stuck in that bumper-to-bumper nightmare, Waze will be your knight in shining armor. As the “world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app” including alerts so you weave and bob your way to that meeting faster than ever before.
  4. Contactually: This is the app for all of you networking fiends out there. This application is designed to not only keep your contacts in order (much more than the stock list on your mobile phone) but to follow-up with your new contacts at the right time. Best of all it is simple to use, and they even have referrals on their website from Pastors to CEOs.
  5. Asana: Bring your conversations and tasks together easily and efficiently, and without the hassle of e-mail. Asana can bring employees or whole departments to the same page, while increasing productivity and holding people or parties responsible for their own participation.
  6. MobileDay: Have you found yourself on your phone for the better part of the day? Has your brain been turned to mush trying to remember who to call and when and how and what? Wait. What is going on? Exactly. Mobile Day is the answer to your mushy brain prayers. While it will set up phone appointments and makes conference calls much easier, it also does something special which is to program the number you want to use (saving money on international calls or calling toll-free) and saving your small business big bucks in the long run. Still a little confused? Check out the website. The info is pretty intriguing.
  7. SignNow: Known as the most secure e-signature application, you can use SignNow to keep your team going when all they need is your signature and you are on the other side of the world. It may sound too good to be true, but it is secure and yes, helpful.
  8. WorkFlowy: Keep your to-do list and idea notebook all in one place! Small business owners tend to have great ideas… all day long. WorkFlowy is a great way to save those ideas and to put them into the next phase: action! And the best part? The website is just as useful for your desktop as the mobile application is for your phone. Enjoy!

While some of these apps may be known to you, there is a reason I am adding them in. It is so important to stay on the cusp of technology for your small business. I talk about this a lot but that is because, especially as business owners, we tend to find something that works and stick with it. We don’t think of what could be out there to make it better. While our parents’ philosophy “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” made sense in their day, in ours it can be crippling. I am here to give you that crutch to the outside world and continuous flow of education to small business owners. Who knows what I will be able to show you tomorrow?

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