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More Mobile Applications: January 2012

More Mobile Applications: January 2012

More Mobile Applications: January 2012

The question could be asked, what if there wasn’t an app for that? Thankfully, in 2012, that is not an issue. People are pumping out smartphone applications like the steel industry pumped out weapons in the 1940’s; and as in the same era, it will change the world forever. It will change, more importantly, your small business and how you conduct it. We have done other posts about mobile applications, but as the years go on the applications change, increase and become more of a daily utility. Want some more to play with? That’s why we are here. Some of these are paid and some are free, but all will only increase your business productivity. So, without further ado, away we go!!

First, we will start out with some simple and fun. “mbPointer” is a way to use your iPhone as a pointer while conducting a PowerPoint presentation. Sounds ridiculous, but it is useful and your fellow colleagues and clients will be impressed with your tech savvy idea.

 “Quickoffice” is a brilliant app that I, myself, have used many many times. It is used to edit a MS Word or Excel document on YOUR PHONE. Like I said, really brilliant.

 “Clockin” is great for those who need to keep track of your clients’ projects and the amount of time (and in that respect, money) spent on them. Wonderful for those who work at home or on the go!!

 “Air Display” is perhaps one of my favorites. This app allows you to use your iPad as another monitor for your computer. Sick of printing out hundreds of pages for that meeting? This app can help and increase your “green” ability which, along with technology know-how, is another impressive attribute.

Don’t have Siri to do your bidding? “Google Voice” is available for Android and iPhone users. Same concept, except it doesn’t talk back. To me, not having another woman tell me what to do is a blessing. You can send text messages, get visual voicemail and have access to many other awesome sidekick type uses.

 “” allows you to sync your present calendar with a public one. This allows your clients to book appointments with you and you to suggest meeting times.

 “Daylite Touch” is definitely more of a team application than just for one person. This allows you to combine tasks, calendars, projects, time lines and contacts for everyone to see.

Do you often participate in online meetings but need to share screens in real-time? “Fuze Meeting” lets you do this all while talking on the phone.

Since mobile payment has really taken off in the last year or so, it will truly only get bigger with apps like Google Wallet. Here are a few, in the meantime, to help you jump on the virtual money bandwagon:

iSwipe“: Major credit card payments on your phone
Square“: You have to use an iPhone or iPad and have a reader, but it works
Cimbal“: Pay using a smartphone in stores, online or from person to person
Venmo” Pay using an iPhone, Android or Blackberry
Paypal” You have to have a Paypal account, but who doesn’t these days?

 “Right Signature” is for the legal-minded and allows users to sign contracts, proposals and NDAs from your phone.

 “Mobile Receipt” is something I like to call my little best friend. Since I have a fear of using bank logs, this is perfect for keeping track of what I spend my money on. This app lets you take HD pictures of receipts and email or text expense reports… HEAVEN!

All of these apps can help you in your business or personal life, keep up with technology. Come into 2012 with me… Come on! I promise it will only get better and be more fun to run your business on a day-to-day basis. These items can also be accessed from your home computer. I, myself, use Google Chrome which allows your home apps to be your “home page”. Now, get downloaded and remember, business can be fun too.

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