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NVS’ Social Media & Technology News OCTOBER 28, 2014

NVS’ Social Media & Technology News OCTOBER 28, 2014

technology, social media, applicationsEvery day that you wake up there are new and exciting ways that technology has changed. With so much changing many new start-ups and updates to our old favorite social media platforms, it is almost impossible to stay up-to-date with the trends. Here are some of the headlines hitting us today about technology and social media:

Facebook introduces “Rooms”

Facebook is adding to its repertoire of applications with its newest venture, Rooms. Rooms will be themed places where people, in anonymity, can discuss and debate all kinds of different topics. The important part is the anonymity. With Facebook having such harsh regulations and requirements when it comes to using your real name, to search and discuss as an anonymous person, anyone can participate without fear of their interests and self-expression being revealed. While the Rooms will still be moderated for hate speech, spam, threats and graphic content, it will be monitored at a much lower level than Facebook itself. If you are interested, the application is limited to only iOS devices.

Comment Easier on Facebook from your Page

Have a few Pages on Facebook that you have to monitor? Facebook is now making it easier to switch from profiles and pages to comment on what you want as what you want. As a small business owner, I have a profile and several pages on Facebook of which I am an admin so this will definitely make my life easier!

Tumblr introduces Desktop App for Mac

The younger generation has taken over; can you feel it? If you don’t know, Tumblr is a popular blog-type website and application that has, primarily, younger users. Businesses jumped on Tumblr while ago and it is a great place to extend your digital marketing campaign, specifically for the younger demographic. Well, Tumblr is making it even easier for their users to communicate and publish blogs with their desktop application for Macs. This application allows Tumblr’s Mac users to post from anywhere on their computer and pretty much makes Tumblr its own browser that goes to Tumblr and only Tumblr.

Snapchat will now run ads

Snapchat is looking to cramp your style and has decided to add ads to its application. Ads will now run in your Recent Updates and you can choose to watch them if you want. They will also disappear after you view it or within 24 hours, just like your stories!

Groupon Announces Pages

Groupon wants to grab you and integrate you even more into their application. Groupon has introduced Pages, which will be places for merchants, where you can go for information, ratings, tips and coupons on your favorite products! Businesses can even go on to Groupon’s Pages and “claim their Page!” Visit for more information.

These are just some of the trends making their way through technology and social media today! Lately, the only way to stay with the competition is to increasingly rise above the fold and utilize new techniques. What are some of the more exciting technological trends that you have heard of recently?

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