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Out-of-the-Box Strategies for Success in 2015

Out-of-the-Box Strategies for Success in 2015

The landscape of technology is constantly changing – especially when it comes to business. 2015 is a quarter of the way through and while it seems to be shaping up very well, especially through the eyes of both the job and real estate markets, the last three quarters are guaranteed to be great if your business utilizes unique but productive ideas for 2015. Combining technology with inclining economic trends allows businesses to create their own custom strategies for any aspect of a business including procedure and marketing. Whether it is a goal of going completely green (or paperless) and minimizing your business’ own carbon footprint or outsourcing services, owning a business in these times allows a small business owner some options. Check out the trends below to see what technology trends in 2015 can benefit your business and continue your year of success.

  1. Get on YouTube. As video content becomes even more popular one fact stands; if your business isn’t on YouTube then you are missing out, point blank. Every business owner has an expertise and there are millions of people around the world that want to know what you know. Making a video can take as little or much production as your budget can afford and posting a video to YouTube makes it easier to share via other Social Media platforms like Facebook, with automatic play, and Twitter.
  2. Content is king. But, you already knew that, hopefully. You have no idea what your business can achieve until you start creating custom content. This content can be used as flyers, pamphlets, white papers, articles, blog posts, graphics, social media posts and more. Content can also be used over and over again. Since there is already so much information on the internet you want to make sure that your content is unique but also remember that information overload is very unattractive to customers and clients alike. When it comes to information, minimalism is a key to success.
  3. Mobile websites are more popular than those on your computer and if your business’ webpage isn’t mobile compatible, your horse hasn’t even left the stable. Make sure that your website is mobile responsive and your bounces become even more affected.
  4. Social media is about connection, not soliciting. When you use social media, selling your business is the last thing you can do to connect with consumers. Social media is exactly what it says; it is a media in which to be social. Starting communication with the community is a way to expand your brand freely while helping shape your business’ marketing future.
  5. Email is still alive! While social media is important and digital marketing is the wave of the future, good ole reliable email is still completely relevant and here is why: when you use social media, the platform works for itself and not for your business. Bottom line: email works for you by being the only way you know exactly who receives your content and when. It is the only guaranteed way to reach a specific client. Remember, if you are paying something you must make sure it is working for your business!


While there are many more strategies to utilize in 2015, one piece of advice that is important is to keep your eyes open. There are always opportunities for your business and sometimes even watching out for content on any level or platform can allow you to customize content for your industry in a way you never thought of before. Thinking outside-of-the-box when it comes to your business is the best way to inspire and keep your business fresh. Remember that stagnancy is the enemy of productivity and progression and with those in your pocket your small business’ success is guaranteed.

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