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Small Business Survival Kit

Small Business Survival Kit


Hard times are coming to an end, they say. While gas prices sky rocket, the average American is sweating to make ends meet. This means the small business owner is sweating more. In a frugal economy, details matter and it is imperative to get it right on the first try. In our times, time is most definitely money.

Although encouragement and tidbits are what you will get from me, these are the things that will get you thinking on the right track to change your own fortune.  I believe  the “small things” will save us. Here are a few ideas to getting control over the minute things you may not even be thinking about.


You may or may not get a lot of opportunities for second impressions, depending on your networking skills. But, when the moment does come, you should always be ready to sell yourself. Be polite and honest. Even if you’re not in sales, there will always be employers or clients who will judge you on the first time.


When you have a really good idea (for a small business) there are only two things you need to really be good at. That is paperwork and money. If you can be good at these two things, you will succeed. This may not always be the “small things” we were discussing earlier, but on a day-to-day basis you will notice a monumental difference.  (TIP: Take the time to learn QuickBooks. You’re welcome.)


And by this of course, I mean support. I mentioned networking earlier because in the small business community, who you know can help you survive. But there is also family and friends and clients and colleagues. Your job won’t always be easy, so surround yourself with people who make your life easier. This is especially important right now, when who can be more important than what. (TIP: Don’t forget about the internet. See what you’re doing right now by reading this blog? Keep doing that. Good research results in results.)


You’ve made it this far, don’t give up now. Network, market, advertise yourself. This is almost as important as paperwork and money.


Yeah, you’re the boss. We all get it. But when you “clock out” early, you’re only hurting who? You got it; the same person who you’re spending all of that time selling. That being said when you are working, be productive. Eliminating the subtle distractions and really being at work when you’re at work can only increase your business’ chances of survival.


Sorry, this will never change. You will have to adapt and change and change again. You know you’re in one of the careers that won’t stay the same and if you try too hard, you’ll be just as obsolete. This is also important in all aspects of you’re business. Just be aware of what’s going on right now and you’ll already be ahead of the pack.


I’m putting this one towards the end  because I believe it’s so important. It may sound silly after everything that you’ve just read but I’m going to say it anyway… Have a good idea. And I don’t mean just the one that began this journey for you. That beam of light was important, but so are a lot of the ones after that. All of the above can relate to this. Stay relevant, stay creative, be a minimalist if possible. It can’t hurt.


Just another tip for you if you will… Have fun and remember why you decided to do this in the first place. You will have success and failure and that’s a part of life, as I’m sure you’re aware of now. Keeping things in perspective keeps your attitude in check. Sometimes that’s the difference in the details.




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