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The Best WordPress Plug-Ins

The Best WordPress Plug-Ins

To Help Your Small Business Blog

WordPress is a personal or professional publishing platform. Well, in real life it’s a blog publisher. And if you don’t think it can help promote and advertise your business, then you don’t deserve the extra revenue anyway. Please research it. A few years ago blogs blasted into our lives ten times over and now it’s not about websites, it’s about blogs. We like to know who we are listening to and what they are about. Putting your information (from recipes, to videos about anything) out into the world is now like breathing and you cannot ignore the benefits it can be to your business.

There are many different blog publishing sites but I prefer (and endorse) WordPress for many reasons. Personalization is a big one, but also user-friendly is so important. You don’t want to spend a week learning the tools; if you have a thought or idea you want to post it. WordPress allows those not so familiar with blogs to jump in. The best thing about WP though is the community, always there and willing to help. But, the main point is to get your word out there no matter what platform you choose.

Today we are talking about Plug-Ins. This may be for the more advanced blogger, but eventually you’ll need to know about them anyway. Plug-Ins are add-ons (software) to a website to customize the function of an application. Let’s just say, they help you to make your blog bigger, better and make your life easier. This article is about the best Plug-Ins available with WordPress, specifically.

  1. W3 Total Cache – A great tool for uploading quickly, it can minimize the size of your file and keep a copy of the page.
  2. VaultPress, Backup Buddy – Backup services, they can get expensive but can be invaluable.
  3. WP-Optimize – Perfect for those that cannot monitor their blog consistently. For example, it can delete spam and unapproved comments.
  4. WordPress SEO by Yoas, SEO Ultimate – Search Engine Optimisation can help put your website at it’s highest point available in search results. Mostly used in an organic (un-paid) way.
  5. Thank Me Later – Small but fun and definitely useful, it will send an e-mail to anyone who posts a comment, thanking them and encouraging them to visit again.
  6. Digg Digg, Sexy Bookmarks – Gives your blog a full set of social sharing buttons.
  7. WP-PageNavi – Details are important, this plug-in customizes even the next/previous buttons.
  8. Revision Control – For those that like to edit, this stops WP from saving every single revision.
  9. Event Calendar Pro – A nice calendar view, even list from iCal or GCal (it does cost but can be worth it if you need it).
  10. WP-Touch – Creates a complete mobile version of your site, very user-friendly.
  11. WP-eCommerce – For those businesses that want to sell products or services through their blog, there is a free and premium version available.
  12. HTML5 Video Player – A powerful player including multiple customizable skins, a full-screen option, complete sound control and even playlist options.
  13. WordPress E-Mail Newsletter – An advanced e-mailer with lots of features that you can send to your WP user database.
  14. Admin Menu Tree Page View – This plug-in adds all of your pages to the main menu in a tree page view so that no matter where you are, you can access all of your pages with one click.
  15. attentionGrabber: WP Notification Bar – Places a simple, customizable banner over your page with a Facebook “like” button, Twitter updates, customize texts or RSS feeds

As you can see I have only scratched the surface of plug-ins to show you what is available for you to use. There are hundreds, maybe thousands all developed to make your life easier and get the word out faster about your business. I threw in big and small plug-ins because although having an even calendar is useful, how people see your site is a direct reflection on their opinion about your business. Customize, be personal and get out there and post!!


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