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Top Jobs You Can Do In Your Pajamas Part II

Top Jobs You Can Do In Your Pajamas Part II

Yes, if you’re reading this, you probably own your own small business. If not own, you probably are starting your own small business. If not starting, then owning your own business has entered your mind at some point. Anyway, in case you are searching for a bit of supplemental income, trying to expand your small business or are just trying to help those friends that ask you how you do it; here is a list of top at-home jobs. Spread forth the message, my friends! In this technological day and age, if you can’t earn money in your pajamas, you’re not really living.

  1. Sports Psychologist: If you happen to have a Psychologist degree just hanging around or are truly looking for an entirely new career path, being a sports psychologist seems to be a great way to hone your Skype skills while wearing pajama pants with that classy blouse! Helping curb psyches of sports stars can pay well and you never have to leave your home!
  2. Web Search Evaluator: When search engine companies need to know how they are doing in respect to their competition, they use web search evaluators to let them know. While some of these jobs may require extent knowledge of specific subjects, being a secret shopper from home sounds like it’s worth the technical and communication skills needed.
  3. Attorney: Yes, it sounds surprising that at-home attorneys exist, but they do. Whether it’s counseling or representing, there is a lot of room with which attorneys have to work. While areas of expertise are vast, each company probably has specific requirements, but it seems like if you get through law school, you deserve to work in comfort!
  4. RN Case Manager: I was waiting to get to this one! Nurses are a big part of the remote (at-home) work force. Consulting, coordinating and even medical care over the phone or online is very big right now. With high healthcare costs and vast access to the internet, it’s only logical that medical needs would go “virtual” at some point. Well, we are there so if getting your nursing degree has interested you in the past, know that you don’t have to be stuck in a hospital if you don’t want to.
  5. Corporate Travel Counselor: While this sounds more mobile than at-home labor, it really isn’t. When certain large companies are in need of accommodations for large groups or corporate events, travel counselors are hired to do anything from making flight and lodge arrangements to assisting with emergency travel situations, and all from your favorite chair at home.
  6. Curriculum Director: With an Education background there are a lot of remote jobs that are available but none are more satisfying that directing curriculum that will be used to shape young minds. From writing texts to designing entire courses, curriculum directors are needed for brick and mortar or virtual degrees. Take part of something bigger and never even leave your living room!

**Scam Alert**

Scams are so normal on the internet nowadays that we tend to think everyone can always catch them. That is not true, so here are some positive indicators of a real employer with real dollars behind their name:

  • There is an advertisement with a company name with a real e-mail address to which you reply.
  • The person trying to hire you is a co-founder or CEO of the company. Most of these businesses that outsource online are not huge companies.
  • There is mention of information for employment such as pay grade and/or benefits and policies.
  • References or sample work is requested.
  • There is an application process not just an offer through e-mail.
  • The employer lists the duties and expectations associated with the job.
  • The company has an HR department that you can contact.


Be smart out there and good luck with your new, productive- in- pajamas lifestyle!

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