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Top Jobs You Can Do In Your Pajamas Part I

Top Jobs You Can Do In Your Pajamas Part I

If you’re reading this, you may either own your own small business, are starting your own small business or owning your own business has entered your mind at some point. Anyway, in case you are searching for a bit of supplemental income, trying to expand your small business or are just trying to help those friends that ask you how you do it; here is a list of top at-home jobs. Spread forth the message, my friends! In this technological day and age, if you can’t earn money in your pjs, you’re not really living.

1. Virtual Assistant: Seemingly #1 on everyone’s list, being a Virtual Assistant is new and edgy and extremely convenient to clientele. Your workload is basically providing administrative assistance. This can include scheduling, bookkeeping, event planning plus clerical work and all from your warm, cozy home.  You are in direct contact with your clients and can earn around $10 +/hour through a staffing agency and $30 +/hour if you own your own business.

2. Online Re-Seller: There are several different ways you can re-sell items online. This can include buying things online and refurbishing or just re-selling as is. You can also work for someone who doesn’t have time to sell their things online. By doing this you can charge a flat-fee (usually $5 to $25 per item) or a percentage (20% to 40% of the total selling price) and this will earn you a bit of extra cash. Doing it enough or gathering a nice client list can provide for a full income but you must be an experienced EBay seller and know your way around those types of markets.

*Hint: If you have a high EBay rating and high sales, you can register at their directory of trading assistants at

3. Call Center Representative: Take orders or complaints from call-in customers. You will receive calls at home and will have a script to follow. You can earn $7 to $15 per hour and some jobs can include commission.

4. Translator: If you can speak and translate another language fluently, you already are a cut above the rest. Also, it’s good to know that the rarer the language is translated, the higher the demand will be for your skills. You can earn anywhere from $10 to upwards of $50 per hour.

5. Data-Entry Worker: Data input has been around since the early 1990’s when most companies started going digital. These jobs will not go away anytime soon and if you have a computer and can type relatively fast and accurate, you could earn anywhere from $6/hour to $20/hour. Keep in mind that demands for this job can be high and hard to find. Also, the potential for scammers is very high so keep an eye out for legitimate employers.

6. Nurse/Medical Professional: Working from home in your pajamas while saving lives. Look at you! Seriously, though, some mothers do consider those at 3 a.m. that answer their phones and give advice their personal heroes. For your heroic duties, you can earn $8 to $14 per hour.

7. Interview Transcriber: Just like with a data-entry worker, an interview transcriber must translate documents into digital form. These interviews are usually journalists and non-fiction writers. If you can listen and type well, you can send transcribe these online interviews and send them by e-mail all in your PJs and can earn $5/ hour to $40/hour.

8. Writer/Editor: Content writers are very high in demand, always. These writers are usually free-lance and help fill up content on websites. Web Designers and even website owners are not always great writers and they must outsource for those types of skills. Since writing is such an umbrella profession, you can earn a nice part-time side income or earn a full income. There is no ceiling on what you could make.

9. Professional Blogger/Expert: I put these two under the same name because sometimes they can be the same thing and sometimes they can be very different. You know about a topic at an advanced level and you discuss it at length. Sometimes the topics can be varied. They can also deal with either an essay format or a question format. Lately, the trend on websites like is the hashtag AMA (#ama) and this means Ask Me Anything. This is a way to contact and read about anyone from celebrities to professional astronauts and Fortune 500 CEOs. Things like these forums are also a way to get younger people to get involved and ask questions. Also, if you have your own blog and get enough visitors, website advertisers will start to pay you. Income is determined on writing skills, professional know-how and ability to connect to readers.

I cannot give enough credit to for putting this list of Top 100 Companies Offering Flexible Jobs in 2014. It is really amazing and allows you to view the companies’ websites, and also to search current flexible jobs for each one. Check it out!

**Scam Alert**

Scams are so normal on the internet nowadays that we tend to think everyone can always catch them. That is not true, so here are some positive indicators of a real employer with real dollars behind their name:

  • There is an advertisement with a company name with a real e-mail address to which you reply.
  • The person trying to hire you is a co-founder or CEO of the company. Most of these businesses that outsource online are not huge companies.
  • There is mention of information for employment such as pay grade and/or benefits and policies.
  • References or sample work is requested.
  • There is an application process not just an offer through e-mail.
  • The employer lists the duties and expectations associated with the job.
  • The company has an HR department that you can contact.

Be smart out there and good luck with your new, productive in pajamas lifestyle.



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