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Trending Topics and Where to Find Them

Trending Topics and Where to Find Them

You might be wondering how trending topics can help your small business. Well that’s an easy question to answer! Trending topics are just as important as your social media can be, and you know we have talked about that enough! Trending topics are an easy way to see what people are talking about and definitely a way to inspire your own marketing content. Don’t know what to blog about today? How do you think others find topics of conversation on the daily to get followers to click links? While these topics can be anything from the latest celebrity gossip to sporting events or international disasters, trending topics are important for every small business and I am here to lend you my tools on the easiest ways to find them!

  • Keep up with the news. Yes, the nightly news is something that might remind you of sitting in front of a tube television with only 3 channels, but news topics are trending topics and can give you great insight into what is going on in the business world.
  • can be as superficial or in-depth as you need it to be. Showing trends on various formats, it can be a great tool to use when your content is lacking.
  • keeps their trending topics on your profile page. Couldn’t be easier, right? While these topics are not always business-related because of Twitter’s vast hashtag campaigns, it is a way to see what is being talked about and what your social media campaigns should be talking about
  • Websites like and keep trending topics readily available much like twitter, but expand to the entire web instead of just their sites.
  • Social streaming sites like want you to know what is trending. Like I said, it is imperative that your social media reflect what people can relate to and are interested in and Hootsuite wants you to succeed in this element as that is what their business is based upon. Most social media streaming sites will help with this because trending topics help to increase your search engine optimization.
  • One of the best tools I find is While it may have started a little more superficial, the genius with Buzzfeed is the algorithm with which it was born. Buzzfeed travels to the corners of the web and produces the top trending topics which their writers then write about and send to you in a neat little package. Their feeds cover everything from celebrity news to small business and world discussions.
  • CNN Trends is also a great way to see what is going on in the news right now. You can also find their articles on the topics and direct links to comments on those articles and how their readers and everyday people feel about these topics that are up for discussion.
  • Swayy is also a useful tool that you can sign up for and connect to your social media accounts to show you what your followers are most interested in and engaged with on the internet. You also get an e-mail describing trending topics and relevant information that you can share with your followers for that day. Pretty sweet!

As you can see, a lot of time and effort has been put into trending topics and it isn’t hard to see why when you see what it can do for your business’ social media standings. If you discuss what others are discussing then the conversation hits an entire new elevation. Keep your business relevant in today’s world and it cannot fail.

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