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There are so many benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant that you may ask yourself why you never thought of them before. Yes, having an in-house face to speak with is beneficial in and of itself but in our current digital age it is definitely not a necessity. In this post I will give you four reasons a VA can change your small business outlook for the better. From big reasons like money to small reasons like networking, it is a virtual world and I believe it is about time you became as knowledgeable about it as your Virtual Assistant would be.

One of the first reasons would be your TO-DO LIST as it ever expands. Yes it may not be represented by stacks of paper as it once was but today our to-do lists are measured in stressed-out hours in the day and how there are never enough of them. Your Virtual Assistant, in their digital knowledge, can run through your emails, tackle tedious data entry and even Google every little phrase or idea that comes into your head… and that is just the beginning.

I hate to be the one to say it and not to deflate your ego but your VA will KNOW MORE than you and their skills will only benefit your business. I’m not saying that you aren’t smart. You’re a small business owner, so give yourself some credit!! But, honestly, I doubt it was your dream to stay on the cusp of expanding technology. That is where your VA makes you look brilliant. Sending emails back and forth everyday and writing in your good ole date book were perfect for those first few years but you need to step your game up and that is utilizing your best resources; your Virtual Assistant’s experience. So, while your VA is managing tasks, you can manage your dream.

Ok, I’ll be the one to say what you already know. SAVING MONEY is good. I understand that is easy to say but difficult to execute. Virtual Assistants can help. While they can multi-task and have a great set of skills, they aren’t full-time employees. Although you are spending money  by outsourcing certain tasks, the time you save not doing data entry, bookkeeping or trivial emailing  yourself can be better spent with product improvement, business planning or even wooing potential clients in lunch business meetings.

Your VA knows how to NETWORK and knowing the right people is half of the battle. If your Virtual Assistant is good at what they do, you will have an abundance of contacts at your disposal. It is true that VAs started out networking and it is truly a tight-knit community. That means better people to do business with and if your VA doesn’t know how, they sure can find someone that does.

There are so many benefits to hiring a contractor, from tangible things like having their own equipment to having their own personal insurance that allows a VA to become an immediate asset. Whether you have been in the business owning game for a while or are a newbie like so many are today, having someone else to lean on in times like these is beyond beneficial. My point is that a small business does not have to be a one-person show. Hire a VA and tell me I’m wrong.

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