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Mobile Applications 2015 – Part Two

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Mobile Applications 2015 – Part Two

It seems like a new mobile app comes out every day or so that “will change your industry!” How is a small business owner supposed to keep up? NVS is here to help, my friends. With a fluid business steeped in using innovative technology, we have no choice but to keep our eyes and ears to the web for new tools to make our jobs more effective.

NOWY (free) – Being on your phone doesn’t have to hinder your social interaction with Nowy. This “P2P Social Radar” uses peer-to-peer proximity to give nearby smartphones a notification without using GPS or storing location logs. There are two aspects of the app: one is “Nowy Friends” and the other is “Nearby People” allowing you to chat with friends or strangers based on your proximity to them. The best part is that you can give yourself reminders for the next time you are near a “friend”, like a project you have together or a note of who they are and what they do.

STREAKS ($4.99) – Backed by Nike and Jerry Seinfeld, Streaks is here to help you form those good habits you’ve always wanted. Having “the ability to track and record your streaks of exercise,” for example, can help you start those daily morning yoga routines or weekly blog entries. While it isn’t the first application of its kind, you can also try CHAINS.CC ($1.99) which uses the chain method of tallying tasks, with Streaks you do have the ability to record up to six daily activities.

WATTPAD (free) – Boasting the “world’s largest community of readers and writers,” WattPad is more of a leisure application and that is okay. As a place where you can write and share stories, get recommendations for books and chat with other book lovers/authors, it is truly a mecca for a bibliophile.
TAXO’D (still in beta) –Taxo’d is an application that is making its way here at a very opportune time. It is a simple way for “freelancers” to keep track of their income and payments so that their taxes can be sent to a professional with the touch of a button. If you have read our previous posts you know that we support remote workers and it can be very hard to be strict about recording your finances with inconsistent paychecks… hopefully after the beta testing, we will have a new way to be on top of our tax game.

CREATIVE COMMONS (in the works) – A photo app that could really change your mobile content game, Creative Commons is a place where digital creativity is shared freely with no registration required and with several licenses for creators to choose from. While the mobile application is still being developed and only available for Android phones at the moment, other users can still head over to the website for beautiful and free stock photos.

Take advantage of these applications because a free (or even cheap) service in the business world is priceless. It seems every day holds new applications that can help you in your personal and professional lives. There are apps for mothers and couples and sports fans or movie buffs… you use them daily so why not use them for your business? On a smart phone or a tablet, applications make our lives easier and make our work more efficient. Are there any applications that your business could not survive without? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to follow NVS on Facebook!!

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