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Virtual Reality and Your Small Business

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and Your Small Business

Just ask your kids what the newest and most innovative thing in technology is today and if they are paying attention, it is all about virtual reality. We are on the precipice of changing everything where virtual reality will become integrated into our reality. When you hear about VR you probably think of some late 80’s or early 90’s movies about playing virtual games. Well, while it is true that you have to wear goofy googles VR in 2015 is not child’s play. Here are several ways virtual reality could affect the business world.

It is true in our tech-infused days that applications can make or break a machine and so it is no surprise that some companies are getting the jump and vaulting into the VR world with both guns blazing. Imagine Facebook with a VR app that can transport you into the photos, videos and feeds. What a different experience! But even better are those apps that will use VR to complete your experience with their product. Now imagine playing a VR version of Candy Crush or Angry Birds. Yes, you see where this is going.

  • Test it out! This is literal, folks. Do you like that new Ford truck? Jump on in and take it for a test drive! Want to see how that dress will look on you? No problem. The celebrity endorsements will be insane!!
  • Have an idea? Design a realistic virtual prototype that can be analyzed even before production begins.
  • We have all heard of simulators being used for certain jobs but with cheap and domesticated virtual reality, training employees is a whole new ball game!
  • Forget Skype… Here are two words for you: virtual conferences! Boardroom at the beach? Yes, please!

Even marketing will be affected, creating a more personalized and intimate environment between companies and customers. It is the future and by now you realize that virtual reality has so many implications, of which we aren’t even aware as of yet but it is definitely not just for the kiddos! How can your business take advantage of this technology before it becomes required? Be on the forefront and think about how this will revolutionize your business.

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