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Popular Teen Mobile Applications & Websites

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Popular Teen Mobile Applications & Websites

Knowing what your kids are doing is as important in this day and age as it was decades ago when PSAs and warnings were everywhere. Monkeying around power lines isn’t as popular as it used to be and since our children’s behavior is changing, we have to acknowledge the risks of kids today. We, at NVS, want to be aware of what our own families are doing online to keep them as safe as possible.

The top trends of websites are fluid, just like everything else in a teen’s life. What is popular today is easily forgotten tomorrow because some things never change and some things always do. Even with all of the new apps out there every day, knowing what is popular with the younger generation does have its perks and maybe, just maybe, you might learn something from them.

Timehop – While this application may already be downloaded on your phone, it doesn’t just sync to your Facebook anymore. Syncing with all of your social media platforms, Timehop holds countless memories which means you will cherish even more in the future. It also has access to every single post your child makes on social media. Maybe it’s a good time to remind them that nothing ever disappears once you post it.

Apple Music – Embarking on its new venture into music streaming, the tech juggernaut has decided to battle Spotify for the top spot! Having any song one tap away creates a niche in an ever popular industry.

Quora – Want to know the “best” answer to any question. Ask or search for it on Quora because chances are someone has already asked.

Instagram – Kids today are using Instagram because, frankly, you made Facebook uncool. Really, kids just want to be different and they have been flocking in droves to galleries that aren’t of just food anymore.

Khan Academy – Learn anything for free. Anything!

Clear – The smart to-do list that is used by 2.5 million people. It may cost $4.99 but chances are you have already bought it once anyway – for your teen.

Shots :) – A new social platform that utilizes tools for a simple way to keep up with your friends is here. With similarities to SnapChat’s photo and video posts, Shots boasts no filters and only “real” pics. Seventy percent of Shots’ users are female.

Fantastical – This sleek and easy-to-use calendar app does cost $4.99 and it was the 2015 Apple Design Award Winner but it’s compatibility with the iWatch may have something to do with its popularity.

Downtyme – Enter in your availability and sync it with your friends so you can see who else is available to hang out. Downtyme is a great way for teens to find out who can meet up and when.

Afterlight – Ever wanted to edit photos but can’t afford Photoshop? These editing tools on the Afterlight app will look professional and it’s so easy to use, a teen could use it!

Yik Yak – Your teen now has a mobile app where they can post every thought anonymously. The only way to look up the feeds are by your location.

Detour – The place to find location-based audio walks all on your phone!

Stoodle – This is what students need; a free website where students can teach and learn from their peers in real-time.

Knowing, and even utilizing, apps that are popular with teens can be an invigorating way to freshen your outlook on your personal or professional business. It is most likely that these apps are pretty easy to use once you take the time to try them out. Don’t be discouraged and you might just gain a little more insight into the teen market for your business or at least the one living in your own home!

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