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16 Ways to Micromanage Your Business and Your Life

16 Ways

16 Ways to Micromanage Your Business and Your Life

Here we are in the middle of “Spring Cleaning Season” and I have to ask, what have you done? Not cleaning for your business, but in general, what have you done? I know productivity can fall low in the midst of April showers but you have to buckle down and assert yourself in these difficult times; NVS is here to show you how to get yourself in the working vibe. As a business owner and entrepreneur, you are a multitasker in every degree but there are certainly ways to get down to business.

  1. Be clear about job descriptions and expectations for clients and employees alike.
  2. Don’t be rigid when it comes to your time and keep an open mind to allow new ideas to penetrate anytime, anywhere.
  3. Evaluate your company’s processes, policies and tools at least once a month. Have a “pow wow” session with someone who inspires you and knows your business, whether it’s virtually or at a pub down the street.
  4. Go green! Going paperless can make your life easier and the greener you get, the more tax breaks allotted to your business.
  5. Don’t stick with outdated models. Especially when it comes to the technology that you use and the policies that your business lives by.
  6. Use your time as wisely as possible. Whether it’s because of clients in different time zones or because you work remotely, time is money in any day and age. See what services you can outsource and make your time worth more.
  7. Have an emergency plan for your business! This is so important as the New Orleans area learned around Katrina. Since we are a digital world, make sure that everyone knows what to expect whether it’s a place to meet up (another branch) or a way to get in contact with each other that doesn’t require cell phone towers.
  8. Be straightforward. Your clients and employees will respect your honesty no matter the issue. Nothing can be done if no one knows there is a problem in the first place!
  9. Join a networking group. There are huge networking groups around the country that accept people of different professions and usually have local chapters. If you are in a metropolitan, there may be a few to choose from and if not, perhaps you can start your own! In this day and age, there are no rules.
  10. Yeah, I said it. Have a specific amount of time every day (that isn’t lunch!!) where you take the time to meditate, listen to music or call your mom… Something that will break the monotony of the day and really get you back into “work mode”.
  11. Educate your employees as much as you can. Whether you encourage them to take on industry-specific classes or even by sending them to conferences and networking events, it is important to keep the newest ideas and technology flowing into your business, big or small.
  12. Family comes first as the good book says. It doesn’t have to mean anything else but your head space must be clear at work. When you start to bleed personal and professional lines, your entire world can become unhinged. Take care of your home first before you come to work.
  13. Be aware of your business and the competition. There are analytics you can use to even compare competitor’s’ social media and website analytics and it can completely change your own business’ online profile.
  14. Don’t just multitask your actions, multitask your thoughts!! There are so many technologies today that can record your every thought; there is no reason to let a great idea go. You have to definitely include the future and “big picture” into your everyday thinking to keep progression an important aspect of your business.
  15. When you actually get momentum from your team, don’t lose it! Not only is it your job to inspire, but you have to keep that drive going when you do give it to them.
  16. Know your business’ weaknesses and address them. Some people are better at organization and some are better at production. Knowing what your business is lacking and having the ability to address it can keep your employees on their toes and your business in-the-know. Ba dum tssss.

Some of these are just reminders and some you may have not considered before but when you just leave some things to the side, they can disappear completely. Micromanaging isn’t fun but it keeps a business going and at this time of the year when business is booming but productivity is lacking, it can save money and resources.  Don’t forget to like the NVS Facebook page for other information on how to make your small business the best that it can be!

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