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Free is the New Black

Free is the New Black

When you see the words “free” you tend to think “SCAM!” almost instantly. But, the truth is there are a lot of ways to get what you want to free, or almost anyway. With just a little research, there are so many relatively cheap and useful products and services that it’s almost a scam not to know about them. Here are some that are business related, and some just for personal recreation. Everyone needs a little play-time too, right?

Business Cards
VistaPrint is a company that you can visit online, order and all you have to do is pay for shipping. Yes, they do advertise on the other side but free is free!

Tech Help

Have a computer problem that you can’t figure out yourself? Submit a question and get a prompt response!

Language Lessons
Learning the basics of a language has never been cheaper, with some classes up to 12 weeks, all you have to do is sign up!

Business Classes
There is so much free information available, it’s almost a crime for small business owners not to take advantage of everything the Small Business Administration’s website has to offer. From business plans to financing tips and online courses, please take the time to visit at least once a week and get your learn on!

Credit report
Legally you are allowed to a free credit report every year… if you don’t take advantage then you don’t deserve the advantage!!

Free Wi-Fi

You can cut down on data usage and get work done in a relatively nice environment. Check it out.

Reminders and Time-Management Help
There are apps and websites for everything from notes to voice reminders, but some websites are used more than others for a reason. You can get text or e-mail reminders and even access from your mobile phone or the website. Some premium features require a paid subscription.

Silver Jewelry
Don’t read this. Don’t believe me. Just check it out!!! (No solicitations, but you do have to pay shipping costs)

Online Checking Account
A free, paperless checking account that pays interest on your balance… Paper checks for deposit do require a charge (paperless requires low cost service!)

Free downloadable cookbooks? Ok!

Radio service
If you don’t already know about Pandora, you have missed out so far but you can correct that mistake! The best part is that you can take your favorite song or artist and it can open your eyes to other music you didn’t even know existed!! Some of my favorites are “work out” genre and “relaxing sounds”. Ad-supported service can get annoying every few songs, but you can pay a small annual fee to get rid of those pesky video ads.

Gently Used Belongings
With no money exchanging hands, it’s at least worth a look, although you are expected to give also and keep the cycle going!

Photo organizer
I love Picasa. There, I said it. It’s free; you can edit photos and share them. Simple and fast. (

Spam Filter
Get rid of all of that spam that clogs your e-mail. Why not?

Directory Assistance
Dial 800-FREE-411 Works for both residential and business listings throughout the U.S.

Family calendar

An online calendar, address book and message board that can be accessed by everyone in the family. The site merges individual schedules into one calendar which you can access with a personal code. Pretty sweet. 

Some of these things can be used daily and some are just for occasional use but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least check them all out. There are plenty of free things on the internet, but be smart about it and don’t get scammed and don’t download a virus. Read everything carefully and be safe out there. Please, as a PSA, I feel like I should remind you never to give out personal information or credit card information to websites that you aren’t familiar with. There are very safe ways to use the internet and get what you need from online sites. Just because something is free doesn’t mean it’s a scam but also, just because it looks legit doesn’t mean it is. Most importantly, make research fun and look up things you like. You can be amazed what you will find with just a little effort.


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