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How to Build Organic Links — Part 2

How to Build Organic Links — Part 2

How to Build

Building organic links as a white hat SEO expert can be a difficult business. In Part 1, we gave you some great ways to build links. In Part 2, we are going in a different direction. We are going to give you a few hints that can increase your website’s traffic 10-fold. Every website has competitors these days; everyone has a niche of the net they are trying to covet. But, we find the best way to build links is to know your competitors and how they are creating content, building links, and how many bounces they get because of them. All of these things can be found using analytics and if you aren’t keeping track, you are getting left behind in the race.


So, what does this all mean? Well, here is the breakdown:

  1. “If you see a need, fill a need.” Find content in your niche that is not-so-great and improve on it!
  2. Fill the gaps of your predecessors lacking content with good information.
  3. Do your research! Seems simple, but if you ask people they will come and help your plight. In the world of email and Twitter, getting experts opinions is easier than ever.
  4. Keep your outreach short and sweet! No one wants to read a book when being asked to do a favor. Let them come to you with expert information! Tip: Don’t forget to include an offer of a backlink in the outreach email. Other websites are in the same business as yours, so don’t hesitate to scratch their backs as well.
  5. Be annoying. Just kidding, but persistence is a small part of being a genius at anything. Make sure to have follow-up emails to those who don’t respond and “thank you” emails to those that bother to help. If they still don’t respond, hit them up on Twitter. The worst they can do is continue to ignore you.
  6. When your content does go live, contact them again. Let them know their information is now out there and they are considered an “expert” in their field.
  7. Encourage them to share on their own websites and social media so their followers can have links to your website that has links to theirs. Back linking!!
  8. And here is the best tip of all; the thing that will make your great content different from all other white hat SEO-geared great content: promote it!!
  9. Broken links are big sore spots on the internet. You can find them quite easily with different programs. Approach those that have shared similar content with broken links (404 Errors and the like) and let them know that your content is better. Tip: Try the Google Chrome extension, Check My Links as a great resource to finding broken links.
  10. Be creative in your approach to these website owners from putting personalized pictures in emails that grab attention to just emailing them a “short and sweet” outreach and telling them about the broken link and would they like to replace the link with yours… Simple, right?

The great thing about content is there is even more content out there in the same niche. There always is! Ask to put your content into other’s content and that includes links to your website. Are you starting to see the circle of white hat life? Posting several times a week is not nearly as important as what you post. Look for content whose needs aren’t being met. Are you searching something and having problem finding concise information? Then other people are experiencing the same and you need to meet those needs as well as promote your glorious content.

There is so much information on getting your content out there and while a few things really help, one great piece of content can really blow everything else out of the water! Your website needs hits to stay on the front page of Google and out of the black hole of the second page! Building links is a great, organic way for your website to get hits and for your content to be recognized and shared.

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