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Mobile Applications for April

Mobile Applications for April

With large companies like Yahoo! and Best Buy still laying off employees, everyone is feeling hot under the collar. Things seemed to be going in a positive direction, right? Then gas prices are now increased, unemployment has resurfaced and circumstances in the small business community could not be more dire. But, this is NOT the time for tears and self-pity. These are the times when we roll up our sleeves and get to work! Money is available; you just have to find it. Even in this so-called Recession (sometimes feels like a real Depression) there are always things you can do to cut costs, improve productivity and move on. There will always be a future, you just have to steer yours in the direction you want.

1. Package Tracker Pro ($4.99) An app that helps track all of your packages with a user-friendly interface? Yes, please.

2. Splashtop Remote Desktop ($4.99) Access and browse the files on your computer from your mobile phone… Definitely one of those preventive measures to avoid embarrassment around clients.

3. PdaNet 3.02 (free app plus $15.95 license) A commonly used application that connects your laptop to your phone’s Bluetooth, no rooting required. Also allows you to view your data usage so you don’t have any surprise charges on your phone bill!

4. PrinterShare Premium ($12.95) Yes, it’s a tad expensive but for a wireless printing app that is user-friendly, we would pay just about anything.

5. ezPDF Reader ($2.99) Not only can you view PDFs but you can edit and put your signature on them too.

6. SeekDroid ($5) Find your lost phone using GPS capabilities and turn your ringer up even if it’s on silent. Genius!

7. Evernote (pictured) (free; $5 Premium monthly subscription) I mention the premium version because that is the real ticket. It allows you to share notebooks and gives you more data storage.

8. Intuit GoPayment (free plus transaction fees) After installing the GoPayment app (an Intuit offering) and receiving a free card reader, you’ll be able to process credit-card orders anywhere. The software and hardware are free; you pay a small transaction fee per order… Simple and easy!

There are millions of mobile or PC applications out there that can change the way you do business, I am just here to show you a few. There is an app for everything and usually a free or cheap way to use it! Please don’t be left behind when simplicity and productivity is so readily at your fingertips. Now for some fun; these apps may not be geared to making your small business better. These apps may be for fun but they are definitely useful in a day-to-day way.

9. CompareCarriers(on sale for $1.99, IPhone only) This brand new application will not make your carrier happy but can climb out of all of the bull that your carriers sell to you. This application does three things; it tests and compares carriers’ speed, response and signal. This app is designed to be used in higher populated areas but can be fun just to see where your carrier ranks.

10. Sanity (free) A FREE application that allows you to record your phone conversations and covert them to mp3s and also utilizes text to speech by saying the caller’s name or reading a text message to you.

11. Shush! (free) This application is a Ringer controller that will allow you to silence your phone and then set a time for the ringer to be restored! Since I don’t have an “alarm only” setting on my phone, I believe this one to be the bee’s knees.

12. Call Log Calendar ($2.99) Allows you to track you call log and SMS by location, great for billing clients!! There are also many other utilities such as saving calls and SMS messages to your calendar.

13. TweetDeck (free) Update all of your social activity (Twitter, Facebook) from one spot. This is very important for businesses and is so efficient and user-friendly!

Like I said, mobile applications are coming in new every day, so find your own and most importantly share them. There is nothing better than finding something useful for your clients and friends. Also remember that times are difficult financially and there is almost always a “free” version of an app somewhere, you just have to search. If, by chance, there isn’t and you will really use the application, some are worth the bucks just to make your business and life a little easier.



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