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More Mobile Applications

More Mobile Applications

For Your Small Business

About once a month, I like to give a heads up on applications that can only help to improve the productivity of your small business. It seems like it would be hard to find, but the business of mobile applications is booming and growing every day. Not all are free, but all are only meant to increase your revenue and isn’t that what your small business is all about? I want you to succeed and when you have an extra hand in that, life gets a little bit easier. Here we go!

MightyMeeting ($4.00/month for file storage) – Play presentations straight from your mobiledevice or connect to a projector. For sales professionals, it can’t get any easier! There are many presentation applications that all cost different amounts and can help you in different ways, so find one that is fit for you and you’re good to go.

Jott (free) – Allows you to record ideas or thoughts, and then it can translate to text. This is perfect for those on-the-go moments that you want to e-mail.

White Pages (free) – Phone books aren’t just for those nostalgic moments anymore. White Pages can do many things including looking up phone numbers and addresses, but more importantly it can implement GPS of those addresses and save contacts into your phone. Not quite the phone books of old, eh?

Ambiance ($0.99) – Since smoke breaks are now as obsolete as water coolers, how are you supposed to relax? This application gives you timed, soothing sounds to put you to sleep or just to keep your mind right.

Total Recall ($8.95) – Another voice recorder, but the coolest thing? It can record phone conversations, too. You know you want it.

EasySign (free) – Here we are all about going green. Forget about paper, this application allows you to sign documents (PDF, JPEGS and more) with your stylus or finger on your mobile device. You can then send it to Drop Box. Easy peasy.

LucyPhone (free) – Perfect for those impatient or busy folks or those of you like me that just hate “waiting” music while calling customer service numbers. Using this application, search through their database of customer service numbers and when the music starts press ** and hang up! LucyPhone will call you back when the operator picks up! Sweeeeeeeet!!

There are so many applications out there that can truly change everyday tasks or the way you yourself think. Please, help yourself. If you need something, search for it and I promise you, there is an app for that.



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