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NVS Presents: Small Business Newsreel May ’15

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NVS Presents: Small Business Newsreel May ’15

An Internet without News Means Facebook and Google are Kings

Did you know that 28% of the time on the internet is spent on Facebook? It is not only where we get news about friends and family but has become a connection to the outside world and what is going on all around us. Facebook is coming out with a way for news agencies to directly load stories to their Facebook Instant Articles meaning faster posting/loading times which means that the news gets to you faster as well. Now, imagine that Google (in competition) does the same? The internet may never look the same again; media websites could, essentially, become obsolete. Since it seems that we are on Facebook more than a quarter of our time anyway, they might already be a thing of the past.

Facebook has a vast influence on the world that you may not be aware of; Facebook comes pre-loaded on cell phones in many other countries so much that many believe that Facebook is the internet. It is easy to see why the distinction is so hard to see when you look at your own feed. News is expanded from personal friends to local businesses and any and every news institution that has their own website from which to share content. One thing to watch out for is when you do share an article on Facebook; the Facebook Instant Article will replace the outside link. This leads to even more Facebook bias and, as people stop surfing the web, an internet full of obsolete content.

Investments in Marketing Software Means a Win for Your Small Business

While marketing software companies are competing to be top-dog… really the winners here are small businesses. Percolate is one of those businesses in the race who just raised $40 million dollars in a fund round in an effort to raise the stakes in the marketing software industry and, hopefully, has some ideas to change the way that business owners associate with their customers.

Food Delivery Times – They Are a Changin’

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news lately, you may not know that Dominos is introducing a feature on its application that lets a customer watch, via GPS, where their delivery is in real time. It may not seem like a big feature, but if you look at where we were virtually just a few years ago you may see actually how far the progression has grown.

Well, Dominos does not seem to be the only company with technology changing how they deliver. The delivery system may look completely different after the announcement that Uber is joining the game with their new service, UberEATS. The service is currently available in New York, L.A., Chicago and Barcelona and boasts a delivery time of 10 minutes or less!

Mobile & Online Shopping Expands Even More

While recent studies have shown that men use mobile devices to shop more than women, it doesn’t change the fact that we use our phones for more than ever before. Perhaps the reason men prefer mobile shopping is it’s instantaneous reaction to demand and supply but whatever the reason, it is just another reason for companies to become more mobile-friendly. Without a mobile version of your website, your company is as good as obsolete.

While mobile shopping is more popular than ever, Walmart believes that you are more likely to buy if you use an automated process. Walmart is now battling Amazon with an introduction into subscribed services. While it may not have online viewing content, having a subscription for shopping and shipping discounts on already low prices may drive customers away from the online retail giant.

Technology and news change around us daily and as small business owners, knowing just as much or more than the competition can be the only advantage we have. At NOLA Virtual Solutions, we pride ourselves on staying innovative and keeping ideas at the forefront to lead our progression. In a day and age where we are able to drive the ways that we do business and be particular about the services we offer and even choose where we physically work, having an advantage of knowing what is coming to change your industry in real time changes the game completely.

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