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Super Bookkeeping Apps That Will Save the Day


Super Bookkeeping Apps That Will Save the Day

Yes, we are technically a year away; a year away from receipts and CPAs and questions and worry. Just because it isn’t tax season doesn’t mean that bookkeeping for your small business is far from your mind. Don’t let it be a constant rain cloud over your head; here are several bookkeeping applications that can only help keep your records neat and next year’s tax season hassle-free.

Wave – With free accounting and invoicing plus a receipt scanner, Wave is a great choice. It is used by more than a million small business owners and boasts tracking “$60 billion in income and spending – for free.”

Zoho – Handling sales and marketing, invoices and expenses and even team collaboration, Zoho seems to be the one-stop-shop for your business’ bookkeeping needs.

You Need A Budget – Being around for a while has its benefits. A few years ago, named YNAB 2011 Reader’s Choice Winner for Best Personal Finance Software. While you may be looking for something a little more professional, it can’t be denied that if the interface is user-friendly enough for personal finance, perhaps even you could navigate it.

Zenpayroll – For those with a need for a payroll companion, Zenpayroll is there for you and your business. Able to track sick/vacation days, workman’s compensation and create online payroll forms, for a monthly fee of $25 plus a per employee fee of $4 it is less expensive than some but not as expensive as most. – Using a time tracking and invoicing platform that is worth your money can really help more than you would expect. Having things taken care of for you can create symmetry with your books and less worry on your mind.

While bookkeeping can be a headache, not doing it is just not an option. If you find yourself lost with all of this financial jargon, your second best bet than doing it manually would be to contact a virtual assistant. Usually versed in keeping the books and at least minimal financial experience, a virtual assistant can help where you need it most while cutting the fat on an in-house secretary. Contact NOLA Virtual Solutions, LLC today or like our Facebook page to see where your business can go on a budget!


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